Manhole Steps

American Step Company, Inc. manhole steps are manufactured from tough copolymer polypropylene plastic reinforced by steel rebar and are designed and manufactured to deliver maximum product safety and longevity in the harshest of onsite conditions.

Originally, the plastic manhole step consisted of rebar encapsulated within the copolymer polypropylene plastic. However, requests by customers and design engineers over the years have prompted us to offer other types of core reinforcement. The result of this is we offer two levels of optional reinforcement.

Reinforcement available

1) 1/2″ stainless steel reinforcement conforming to ASTM A 955 as an option,

2) 1/2″ Epoxy Coated Dual Grade ASTM A 615 Gr 60/ASTM A 706 steel reinforcement as an option,

3) 1/2″ Dual Grade ASTM A 615 Gr 60/ASTM A 706 steel reinforcement as standard and

4)  9/16” solid aluminum bar which exceeds the strength of 6061 T


Corrosion protection and strength are the most critical manufacturing factors in manhole step production. Copolymer polypropylene has proven itself as a material that offers excellent corrosion resistance in extreme environments. Our manhole steps are made of a super high impact grade of copolymer polypropylene. This material exhibits both excellent cold impact resistance and high rigidity.

Smart ,innovative design, that keeps safety #1, state of the art materials, technology and equipment , and of course our people are the reason American Step Company can offer the finest products and services available.

Quality features of these Manhole steps include:

  • 0.5 inch (13 mm) diameter Steel Core and or 9/16 inch solid aluminum core with strengths higher than 6061T
  • High Impact Copolymer Polypropylene which has been proven non-corrosive in sewer environments. Conforms to an ASTM D-4101 specific number.
  • Contoured to fit the hand for comfort and a Sure Grip.
  • Sturdy Tread Design with Side Molded Slip-Resistant Wings.
  • Each part stamped with Manufacturing Date for Complete Product Tracking.
  • Full Range of Manhole Steps available for all types of installations and unique needs based on local requirements

The American Step Company prides itself in the expert production of high quality, safe products.

Manhole Steps must pass several quality control tests, which are implemented within our manufacturing system before they are ready for consumer use.


All related ASTM, AASHTO and OSHA standards have been met or exceeded in product design, engineering and materials utilized. Our entire line of manhole steps meet ASTM C-478/AASHTO M 199 standards including all OSHA related standards.

The American Step Company is dedicated to complete customer service and quality production. 

Please see the presentation, Manhole Step Attitude of Awareness.  It provides a brief overview of manhole steps including the testing and standards for them. The focus is the installation of plastic steps by the “press fit” or mechanical lock installation method (friction fit).  Our goal is that you will take back and implement in your organization an attitude of awareness for everyone about manhole step safety.